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five tips for coping with stress & anxiety

We’ve all been there. An overwhelming majority of us are probably still there right now; I know I am, scrambling, anxious, all stressed out about something, someone or maybe both. Hopefully you’re not dealing with both at the same time because that would be a lot to endure.  But whatever you’re coping with as tough as it may currently seem, I can assure you in time that this too shall pass.  As we push through the second half of 2018, here are some tools to hopefully help you alleviate some of your stress and anxiety.

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what a time to be online

Jacky Wright has worked on numerous projects. From managing 2x Grammy-nominated songwriter & singer Kenyon Dixon and author Thelma Wright, to working with actor Michael B. Jordan. This kid from Philly touched on his love for his hometown, the behind-the-scenes of working on the movie Black Panther and the purpose behind his new brand wrighteous™.

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why we need to push through during times of adversity

Most people never “fail big” because they’d rather “play it safe.” Here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, but how could you expect to really fulfill your purpose if you don’t step out on belief and fate that you can actually achieve your goals? God doesn’t make a move until you do, that’s just how this works. Generally speaking there are dreamers and there are doers, I’m challenging you to be both.

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five books that have helped me along my journey

Here are a few recommendations of books that have truly resonated with me over time and books that I’ll be continuously be reading over and over. Hopefully when you have an opportunity, you can add some of these titles to your list. Maybe you’ve already read a few (or all) of these, but whatever the case may be, here’s five books that have helped me along my journey so far.

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welcome to wrighteous

I took the leap of faith a long time ago, but those bumps along the way will keep you focused and let you know that you’re still flying. If you already took your leap, I hope this helps you along your way and for those who haven’t done so yet, I hope that what I share here will help you take the leap.

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