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be the impact: why cancer screening supports black communities

It was an honor to discuss the importance of cancer screening and share how cancer has personally impacted my family. #sponsored In partnership with @Novartis and @BlavityInc, @taralindaaa and I chatted with experts at Novartis and the @AmericanCancerSociety about how regular cancer screening can help find cancer early, when it may be easier to treat.

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life & work with jacky wright

1. Map out a plan and execute: You don’t need all the answers, you just need to take one step at a time, you’ll figure it out as you go. 2. Build genuine relationships and find your tribe: You’ll go farther in your path finding like-minded individuals that share your passion and want to grow individually and collectively. My advice for anyone just starting out is to just start. As cliche as it sounds, the first day you start is one day ahead of someone who was just thinking or talking about it. Everyone’s path is different but as long as you pray and stay dedicated I believe things will work out in your favor.

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#6 in the valley

Ever since the pandemic, life has taken a dramatic shift for us all. Personally, 2020 provided more clarity on what really matters (mental, physical and spiritual health, family, love), while 2021 thus far has been a year of transformation and acceleration. If we haven’t already realized, we’re receiving a crash course on understanding that life is indeed short and we must cherish the moments with the people we love. 

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