small victories lead to big wins

Sic Parvis Magna is my favorite Latin phrase, commonly translated as “greatness from small beginnings”. Generally speaking we can get caught up longing for the “I’ve made it” moment in our pr ofessional careers. From a new high profile job, to the big promotion, it’s very easy to casually overlook the small victories that lead to that grand opportunity. In actuality, the small victories along the way were the true catalysts for said big win. Overnight successes are anomalies that rarely have true longevity and often times most don’t get an opportunity to see all the behind the scenes time, effort and dedication that it took in order to level up.
I’ve been in my professional field for about 10 years now, from throwing some of the most legendary parties back in Philly, consulting for pro athletes, being an A&R for a music publishing company, working on a billion dollar movie (It’s still Wakanda Forever), to now launching my third business (wrighteous). At this point I feel like I can confidently say I have some real skin in the game but each step taken forward was based on the previous experience. My work thus far can easily be misinterpreted as glamorous and just running around with notable people but the reality is these opportunities have been A LOT of hard work. Furthermore, to be totally candid these experiences thus far have not been outrageously financially lucrative but what always keeps me going is the passion and ambition I possess to pursue my ultimate dreams and goals. Those two factors far outweigh any form of financial gain. If I were simply in this for the money, I would’ve quit and changed professions a long time ago.
Fast forward to present day, I’m four months into the official launch of wrighteous and my clothing is already in its first store, glory to God! I didn’t anticipate being in a clothing store, I figured I would only sell online. I never thought it was necessary to go to retailers showcasing my brand trying to solicit them into carrying my products. But the good folks over at Kicks Kartel saw my brand, rocked with the vision and here we are. Being able to walk down Ventura Blvd and see my t-shirt in the storefront is surreal, mind blown! Low key I was inspired to create clothing when “How to Make It in America” came out in 2010, when Ben and Cam dropped Crisp, the fire was immediately ignited. I wanted to start out making t-shirts and hoodies and I flirted around with the idea but to no avail. Fast forward a few years later, I helped build a ready to wear clothing line from the ground up, it was an awesome experience, I learned a lot in that process and am still gaining more knowledge daily. Clothing is a form of expression, especially for me and as I’ve grown older I’ve been able to really hone in on my aesthetic and always feel confident in what I’m wearing.
There’s an infinite amount of room for wrighteous to grow. Just to put it out into the universe, I aspire for it to be a boutique version of Supreme and with God on my side I know ANY and ALL things are possible. I hope you don’t overlook the small things along your journey, this race called “life” is a marathon that you’re running at whichever pace you want to. Please keep in mind that you are your greatest opponent. I hope that you continue to make strides in pursuing your goals and dreams and know that I’m in the stands rooting for you; I want to see you win!!!

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