why it’s important to celebrate other people’s wins

This theme has been coming up more frequently in the last few months; there are wins happening all around and you’re not included in any of them. Your sibling is getting married to the love of their life, your friend just secured a big promotion or a colleague landed that high profile job, the list goes on and on. IG & Twitter can really mess with your psyche if you let it, operative words, IF. YOU. LET. IT. Social media can seem like one highlight after another where everyone’s winning except you. This can surely make one feel insecure about their personal and professional journey. Don’t fret, you’re not the only one who has felt this way or is currently going through this mind f*ck. However I do want to remind you of a few things to hopefully bring your mind at ease and help you chose to celebrate rather than hate.
 What God has planned in your life has been uniquely designed for you. I say ‘has’ because the story has already been written; you’re currently living in your purpose. What this means is regardless of what has happened or will happen (good or bad) in your life or in the lives of others, each singular daily experience has been meticulously scripted for each and every individual. Simply put, YOU ARE SPECIAL!! There’s no such thing as an overnight success and the climb to the top of the mountain is an endless one. From experience, I can tell you that when you reach your goal(s) there will always be a new level of accolades to achieve. The real fulfillment should be in finding the balance between being content with where you currently are yet still ambitious in knowing where you’re ultimately going. Plus in the grand scheme of things, you have no idea what an individual has experienced or what they had to do/go through to get where they are. More than likely it wasn’t pretty but they kept pushing until one day God opened everything up.
 I’ve recently expressed my philosophy to some of my friends on why it’s important to celebrate the achievements of others. First and foremost I love to see people win. Secondly, my perspective is, “you like it, I love it!” You can always catch me on the sidelines applauding and cheering other’s on. Throwing shade on someone for his or her win(s) is an indictment on my character. I have enough flaws to work on and that’s surely not going to be one of them. More importantly, when I see others win, especially people in close proximity to myself it gives me reassurance that my time is coming. Whether it happens sooner or later is irrelevant because either way, it’s inevitable,. I know what I’ve prayed for and I know the work I’ve put in. When those blessings rain down they were specifically designed for me and it will not be by luck, chance or coincidence.  
  “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. The day that you decide to change your life is the day that your life will change. Your mindset is the key to everything. Do your best to keep a positive attitude, support those close to you, never be outworked and keep God first. I promise you this is a recipe for success, you can make that decision and start right now.
Keep grindin', I’ll see you at the top!


  • Jerome Bryant

    Jackie those words of wisdom were very profound and spoke to the very core of your existence. How does one know if they’re on the right path? Your mind, body and soul are in unison as one entity. You Cousin seem to have achieve that. You taught me, an (Old Dog) something so valuable that I will continue to put into practice from a different perspective to abrogate what I already knew. So thank you and continue to grow, and for the record. You are your mother’s son.

  • Warren Scott

    Well said young man, if our people will look to God they will find their purpose thanks for those wonderful words.

  • ThA Daily Pursuit


  • Duran

    Well said! Embrace the process…

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