why you should always shoot your shot

Fall is my favorite season of the year. All of the summer shenanigans have concluded and the time has come to buckle down and finish the year out strong. More importantly, autumn begins a few days after my birthday (Happy Belated to me!) and the beginning of basketball (NBA & NCAA) is right around the corner. If you know me on a personal level then you already know I'm a hooper at heart. I love using basketball analogies as a way of articulating my perspectives and ideologies, because quite frankly – ball is life!
 My motto is and always will be, “shoot your shot”. We have a finite amount of time on this earth, so we should live it up and maximize every moment because tomorrow is not promised. With passion comes promise and if you want to pursue your ultimate life goals, you’re going to have to shoot your shot over and over again. You want to get into fashion? You have to shoot your shot by working for a brand, creating your own as well as building relationships within the industry. You're interested in someone and want to get to know him or her on a romantic level? You have to shoot your shot by asking them out on a date. Everything you’ll ever want and desire is on the other side of fear, that’s why it’s imperative to always shoot your shot.
 Now here’s the key to successfully shooting your shot - you have to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of your game. Over time you will learn how to recognize what is a good shot versus what is a bad shot and that only comes with practice, patience and perseverance. You are only as strong as your greatest weakness and if you work hard (practice) enough you can limit the exposure of said weaknesses. In life as well as in basketball there is a natural flow and fluidity that once mastered, allows you to be multiple plays ahead of the competition. The more you practice, the higher your confidence rises, the more unstoppable you become. As the saying goes, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So get in the game, let that sh*t fly and make it rain!


  • Ash Dee

    I think a great way of dribbling (practicing) is to stop putting your negative energy out to the universe. If you’re standing in front of the hoop and telling yourself you’re not going to make it, you won’t. You have to practice positive reinforcements and what I like to call “energy bending” in order to succeed. If you put yourself don’t or refuse to believe you’re a baller then you might as well not even throw the ball. You already lost my guy.

  • Earl Scott

    well said

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