mamba day

Today is Mamba Day (8/24) and I’d like to share my most memorable moment with The Black Mamba. 
The date was May 24th, 2016, it was my first official day working with Michael B. Jordan. Having no idea what to expect on day one, I arrive at Mike's house. As he casually told me the agenda for the day, it was explained we were headed to Newport Beach because he had to shoot some stuff with Kobe. “KOBE!?!” I inquired, trying to play it off cool as if it was just another day on the inside but knowing damn well I was about to meet Kobe again, for the second time *gasps*. 
We arrived in Newport Beach at a local rec center as we were greeted by Writer/Director Aaron Covington. About 10 or 15 minutes into us talkin shop, Kobe walks in. “Holy shit” as my mind freezes, it was like a movie. Fully dripped in a Nike tech set, he happily spoke to everyone as he was flanked by a few members of his staff. 
Kobe and Mike were chatting as I was observing in awe, the conversation then pivoted to all us chiming in. We chatted about soccer, I mentioned my friendship with a mutual friend from back home (Anthony Gilbert) and my connection with his toughest high school opponent Donnie Carr. The realization of having any form of conversation with my idol was literally mind-blowing.
Now it was time to get to work, Kobe & Mike were there to shoot content for NBA 2K17. This was easily the best first day I’ve ever had. After helping with lines and cracking a few jokes along the way, the shoot was over.
Under normal circumstances, I would not have asked for a picture. It was my first day on the job and I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression, but I couldn’t bank on the notion that I would possibly run into him again. I nudge Mike as I’m about to shoot my shot while simultaneously handing him my phone. 
“He Kobe, you mind taking this picture?”
 “Of course man, no problem!” 
*picture snap*
In my line of work, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some incredible and memorable experiences, but this took the cake. After this second interaction with Kobe, a third occurance did not seem out of the realm of possibilities. I even set out to manifest a lofty goal on my bucket list, which was to work and or collaborate with Kobe in the future. 
Although that day will unfortunately never come, my mamba mentality has grown even greater since that time. I hope you use this day to keep pushing towards your goals, to keep being great, to keep being legendary.
I’ll see you at the top

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  • Charles Poole Jr ( C J )

    What an amazing story incredibly inspirational! I’m very fond of Kobe as well and I also have increased in my Mamba mentality. I guess it’s something about being in Kobe’s presence and the streets of Philly can instill in you. Walking with you to the top bro!
    One love 🙏🏾 Mamba Forever

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