faith over fear

We’re all adjusting to a new lifestyle. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to be sitting on my couch relaxing on a Saturday night, but unfortunately, this is not a normal Saturday night. You want to know what the highlight of today was? D-Nice had 100,000+ people on his IG live, they dubbed it #ClubQuarantine, what a time to be alive! I popped in and out for a few in my normal Jacky fashion, but in all seriousness, to see so many walks of life enjoying his live was pretty cool to witness. Social isolation, quarantining, stay yo’ ass in the house, whatever you want to call it, we will be doing this for the foreseeable future. So I’m truly eager to see what ingenuity is birthed from this pandemic. 
Over the last week there have been a few things going through my mind. With our lives being forever changed, I am curious to know what our “new normal” will be and in what ways will this pandemic cause my faith to grow? I’m wishfully optimistic that the outcome will create a better world for us all. I hope we are able to see things, people and situations for what they really are and I hope we understand that we’re much more connected to each other than we think. It’s much bigger than “I & Me” it’s all about “We & Us”. 
But truth be told, it’s still difficult to not feel overwhelmed at a time like this. And although I totally agree and understand the mandate to be on lockdown but for those who have lost opportunities to earn, it’s a precarious position to be in. 
But then we have to remember how blessed we are, God allowed us to see another day and we’re healthy. I’ve been in numerous adverse situations in my life and there’s NEVER been a time when God/The Universe did not provide a way. If things are foggy for you right now (myself included), the best piece of advice I can give is to not panic, pray and listen closely to what God is telling you. There’s so much opportunity for growth here, it’s a matter of being still and having faith over fear. It’s time for a clean slate, whoever you thought you were before this hit, now is your chance to make anew. There is a rebirth happening, a renaissance or sorts. I just know that once we’re able to properly tap in, God/The Universe will take care of the rest. 
I know in time I’m going to do my part; I pray that you do yours. Until we meet again…#livelifewrighteous


  • Sam Williams

    Thank you youngman for such inspiring words. Proud of you as a man of integrity and faith.

  • Chandra Mackey

    Thank you this was a very good read very uplifting

  • Yvonne Torrance

    That was a timely and prophetic word. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Janet Lynch

    I went to grade school and high school with your mom she is a beautiful person inside and out.. And I see she has raised an intelligent and kind person Loved reading your words very inspiring. Stay well and this too shall pass and hopefully we will be a better world


    Omg so inspirational # “faith ova fear!”
    Thank you for waking up our eyes 👀 to the new universe Our higher helper is showing all who is the master piece.

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