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First and foremost, if you are taking time out of your day to read this I’d like to thank you. Your support is sincerely appreciated! wrighteous is my baby. This brand is going to be my platform where faith, personal development and pop culture intersect. So how did we get here, you ask? My response is rather long-winded but let me try to give you the shorter version.
I’ve been flirting with the idea of wrighteous for a few years now. When it initially came to mind, I was instantly inspired but was unsure where to start (what that really means is I was scared). I had a cool concept and didn’t know what to do with it. To speak candidly, I’m the one to blame. I’ve been holding myself back. I’ve been in my own way. I can easily pinpoint times where I was hindering my progress simply because I didn’t take the initiative to do anything. I was too busy thinking and talking myself out of doing the work. I was concerned with things that I had didn't matter. Would I be misunderstood? Would people think my brand is trash? These irrelevant questions amongst other things were all stumbling blocks I needed to overcome in order to live up to my potential and be great. I’m not going to beat myself up too much though. I’ve been through some real shit. Those times you've been knocked down are the ones that really show your true character and can be the real catalyst for growth and maturity. As Jay-Z once said, “One day you’re up. Next day, you’re down. So long as you stay the same, it’ll come back around.”
Back to the story…
I was going through a trying time in my life. Mentally, I was really low. My self-confidence was down and this had been going on for months. I couldn’t shake it. But I recently had a revelation, or a literal spiritual awakening. I could feel the instant change in my mood and spirit. I was given a glimpse into understanding what my purpose is, and that’s to be the best Jacky I can be. Not best in the manner of feeling better or above anyone else, but best as in remaining humble for the wins and affirmed in faith and the lessons--trusting the process, growing and maturing as a man, and acquiring as much wisdom as possible along the journey to pass onto others. All of the things that I’ve gone through and experienced in life have landed me to this point, so now it’s time to start unapologetically sharing my perspectives and opinions with the world. This platform is for me, it’s my form of expression and I hope that you like it, because I love it.
I took the leap of faith a long time ago, but those bumps along the way will keep you focused and let you know that you’re still flying. If you already took your leap, I hope this helps you along your way and for those who haven’t done so yet, I hope that what I share here will help you take the leap.
So now it begins, we can crash and burn or we can grow wings and fly, ascend, transcend, and be great--the latter sounds much more appealing, wouldn’t you agree?


  • Smiley

    prayers and best wishes on this journey! I’m here to support as well! ‘With God all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26)

  • Wanda Baynes

    Lets grow wings and fly, the way it has always been meant for us!

  • Marcus Troy

    Good luck with he journey! I’ll be there supporting you. Peace!

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