the 4th quarter, where legends are made (2019)

“What separates the good from the great? One of the main distinctions is that the greats consistently outperform their counterparts and peers. In order to achieve greatness, one must execute at the highest level over an extended period of time, year in and year out. The greats are neither immune nor discouraged by obstacles such as fear, fatigue, or adversity, because their passion, desire, and discipline continuously supersede all odds.” 
It’s the 4th quarter again - it’s time to be great! We only have a few weeks left in 2019 and I want to remind myself and everyone else that we should look to finish the year out strong. 2020 is right around the corner and I know we’re all excited and looking forward to what the New Year will bring. But I would be remiss not to stress the importance of writing things down and being very intentional with what you want in your life. I wrote down some personal and professional goals in 2017 that I accomplished in 2018 (4th Qtr 2018) so of course I did the same in 2018 for 2019. Goal #1 for 2019 was to sell my mother’s story (Philly Reign) and it really happened! Some other goals were to secure more freelance work, do more podcasts/interviews as well as continue to help build R&B Kenny’s brand. I also said I was going to launch, but that didn’t happen (HA!) I don’t achieve all the goals every year cause God has bigger plans. But sometimes they end up happening at a later date or when they don’t happen at all, I take it as a clear sign it wasn’t meant for me. I like the position that I’m in though, my bro Duran always tells me to “enjoy the moment” because soon things are going to be very different. That statement has really resonated with me because I believe it, I can see how things are shifting and I know that there’s so much more I’m capable of and will ultimately accomplish. I feel like every year I’m becoming wiser and sharper, so I hope to carry that with me as I continue on my journey. 
In 2020, I’m looking to make some more noise and by 2021, Lord willing, I’ll be deep into my wrighteous bag. I wish you a prosperous 2020, I’ll see you at the finish line.


  • Liz Brown

    I always enjoy reading what you write. I learn with every article! So very proud of you!

  • Me

    You need to write more often. I feel like so many people can benefit from what you have to share. Keep it going.

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