the 4th quarter, where legends are made (2018)

What separates the good from the great? One of the main distinctions is that the greats consistently outperform their counterparts and peers. In order to achieve greatness, one must execute at the highest level over an extended period of time, year in and year out. The greats are neither immune nor discouraged by obstacles such as fear, fatigue, or adversity, because their passion, desire, and discipline continuously supersede all odds.
 We must keep in mind that greatness is a journey, whereas success is a destination. Much deeper than what short-term success can bring such as monetary gain, awards, and accolades, greatness is something that is achieved over time, through wisdom, leadership, and service. Greatness is an embodiment of your legacy, the joy you bring to those close to you as well as the positive impact you have on the world.
 I know many of us (myself included) are looking forward to 2019 and using that as an opportunity to get a fresh start with a clean slate. But I would caution jumping ahead so soon because we’re still in 2018 and there’s plenty of time remaining to finish the year strong.
 Let me quickly take you back to the end of 2017. I have a highlighter green-colored notebook that has “HUSTLE” engraved in the front.  With that notebook, I had written down specific goals for how I was going to finish the year and move forward in 2018. Yesterday I stumbled across those goals and although I didn’t achieve all of them, by grace I was able to complete four out of the nine. One was to get a new car, another was to do work in multiple cities and last but not least was to launch wrighteous™. These were lofty aspirations because at the time of writing them down I didn’t have the money or freelancing opportunities in order to make those dreams a reality. With the remaining goals still on the list in addition to my new ones that I’m striving for in the New Year, I am confident that in due time they are all going to happen. I don’t expect them to transpire exactly the way I envision them. But I know through faith, patience, and works that any and all things are possible.
 With that being said, I wanted to let you know that one of my goals for 2019 is to launch my personal website (coming soon). wrighteous™ will continue to move forward, but I need to make a clear distinction between myself and the apparel brand that I’ve created. Additionally, whether I’ve come to accept it or not, I’m a brand as well. It’s time for me to further put myself out there, become more visible, more transparent and more revealing about my expertise, interests, and experiences. Long term, my goal is to inspire and motivate others through my journey. What does that mean for the Jacky Wrighteous Blog? Moving forward all blog posts will be housed on my new website and wrighteous™ branded content will begin to be released throughout the year and beyond. 
 The finale of 2018 is the preparation for the race I’ll be running in 2019, which will be the year of transformation. My anxiety is building as I type because now that I’ve put this out into the universe, I now have to execute.
Do I have all the answers? Nope!
Am I tired from all that I’ve done this year? Yes!
Is it going to be easy? Nope!
Do I have everything I need to achieve the greatness I desire? Yup!  
 I hope you’ve written down your goals down and I hope they all come to fruition. I wish you love, prosperity, and greatness along your journey.
 See you next year!


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