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Im going to assume that most, if not all of you reading this, have heard Tha Carter V? It dropped a few weeks ago and it was great to finally hear a new project from Lil Tunechi. The clear fan favorites have been Mona Lisa, Dedicate, and Uproar, but the song that stuck with me the most has been Let It All Work Out. Im a big fan of Sampha, so the Indecision sample with Waynes verses was right in pocket. The song made me reflect on the past 10 months and beyond with all that has occurred--specifically in 2018. There have been countless times where I questioned if I was moving in the right direction, personally and professionally, or how I was going to make it through the next month and cover my bills (adulting is some sh*t my G!). But the beautiful thing is God always has a way of working everything out. Its not always what we want or how we want it, but its always what we need. This year has definitely been a transformative year for me. Ive been faced with a lot of unknowns and been in numerous uncomfortable situations but these circumstances, trials and triumphs have been the catalysts to the strengthening of my faith and the restoration of my purpose. Im a Virgo to the core; so what that means is underneath this cool exterior is someone who is obsessive about details, overly analytical and an incessant thinker. Its been a goal of mine to ease up and let things work themselves out, but to keep it bean--its been difficult at times. But I can attest to only giving this type of laser focus to things that Im truly passionate about--my character, my legacy and my work. 

I was recently scrolling through IG and Jerry Lorenzo posted a clip from a TD Jakes sermon titled The Power Couple. I was so moved by the clip that I decided to watch the entire video on YouTube. In the IG clip, Pastor Jakes stated, Youre always a stranger in your promise land at first and if youre not courageous enough to go through the strange process, youll never possess it to be yours.” This resonated with me to my core, because I firmly believe that God will expose you to what you’ll ultimately receive. Everything has a way of working out for the greater good and situations are rarely ever really about us. Its about being there for others; its about our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. New levels bring about new devils and the unknown is a scary place, but fear is the only hurdle holding us back from achieving the success we ultimately desire. Its essential to push through and become comfortable being uncomfortable, because as TD Jakes said, God wont let you go through anything and not bring you out with something more than what you had when you went in.”  Throughout this sermon, Pastor Jakes makes declarations such as God lets you visit what youre going to own” and If you dont have faith to withstand the powerless stage, then you dont have the faith to go into the possession stage.” When we remove our ego from the equation, we are able to journey into unfamiliar lands and weather some storms in order to achieve greatness. Have you ever heard a story of success that did not stem from some form of triumph over a previous hardship? Thats what makes the story so compelling and powerful--the faith, strength and courage to persevere through all odds and obstacles. 

Ive accomplished goals this year that I envisioned, but had previously never acted on. I would attribute these blessings to divine timing, because had I tried to pursue and activate these visions at an earlier time, they may not have worked out the way they did. I launched wrighteousllc in February of this year and I can humbly say that by the grace of God, the street wear element of the brand is currently in two stores (Kicks Kartel & The Mag Park). The management co. is flourishing with clients, 2x Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Artist Kenyon Dixon, whos currently on a World Tour with Justin Timberlake and will be dropping a new project soon (N****s Get Emotional Too). As well as author Thelma Wright, who prayerfully has a announcement coming soon. As God as my witness, 2019 is going to be a breakout year for everyone on this side and it is through faith and faith only that all these things are possible.  I hope that you keep pushing forward, keep the faith and let it all work out!    

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