graduation / wth (welcome to hollywood)

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Figuring out where to live, securing work as well as building new and healthy relationships are important in making the transition as smooth as possible. Today marks my four-year anniversary of living in Los Angeles and although the time has definitely flown by, there remains an interesting feeling of newness and unfamiliarity. Reflecting on when I first moved, it was imperative that I became more selfish and really did some soul-searching to make sure I was moving in alignment with my purpose. Regardless of where I turned, it was obvious that I needed to start from scratch – in order to build my legacy properly I had to break down and destroy all that I thought I knew. Uncomfortable to say the least, low key I felt like a fish out of water, it took about three to four months before it fully registered that I was living in L.A.
 A lot has happened in the last four years. There have been peaks and valleys, wins and lessons. I’ve done some really cool work with some really cool people and I even had time to do some dating (HA!). I am excited for what the future holds because I know the passion I have for the success I desire and will ultimately achieve. I call this my graduation year because of where I currently am in life - I liken it to being the college basketball player who needed the full four years to develop before going to the league. I’m the prospect that wasn’t highly recruited out of high school but was determined to improve his game every summer in college. Each season has had its own learning curve, but regardless of the challenge I’ve been pushed to become sharper, stronger and wiser. As I continue on my journey, my hopes are to continue to fully live in my purpose. I believe LA is where I’m supposed to thrive. As of recent things have become increasingly more difficult, but I take it as a sign that I’m closer than I’ve ever been before. I guess that’s what happens when you hit new levels, it becomes increasingly more difficult to hit the next plateau. With that being said, if you’re considering moving or have recently move to LA or another major city, I wanted to share four mantras that have helped me navigate.
 Everybody won’t make it
As cliché as it is, it’s the truth. Whether personally, professionally or socially, things are constantly evolving and changing. Some people you may lose contact with, while others you may have purposely remove yourself from. The fact of the matter is, everyone won't make it on the journey so you should be comfortable in knowing that you will lose people along the way. The circumstances may or may not have been on bad terms but it’s an inevitability that everyone who showed up is not everyone that will end up with you. People naturally grow apart, but hopefully as you move forward you’ll end up gaining new people along the way. A major key though is to focus on yourself and make sure you’re surrounded by love, good energy and positivity. Ultimately, the real ones who are supposed to be present in your life will be.

 Patience & persistence are undefeated 

Anything worth having takes time to earn. A positive mindset is key, being mindful of the small details - championing the big wins as well as the small victories. It’s important to balance the thin line between confidence and vulnerability. Confident in your abilities based on the time and effort you’ve put into fulfilling your dreams and vulnerable enough to share experiences of how you persevered through adversity. We should all feel confident and know that our hard work and dedication are ingredients for greatness. 

Timing is key

In being patient and persistent, divine timing trumps all. When it’s your time, it’s your time and nothing can come between you and your destiny. Preparation is crucial because as you’re living in the moment you’ll never be given a heads up that a life-changing shift is about to happen. One thing for sure is that God and the universe will always conspire in your favor. No matter how bleak it may look at the moment, you are one person, situation or opportunity away from your life completely changing for the better. Keep the faith! Once things fully open up in your favor, it’s important to help those around you share their talents and gifts as well. If you’re a real boss, those around you should be prospering as well, it makes the success that much more fulfilling. 

Relationships over everything

Knowing people is cool but what really matters is who knows you. Equally as important is, how they met you and their perception of you. No matter what, it always boils down to your relationships. Similar to Law #5 of the 48 Laws of Power; your relationships should be guarded with the same care as your reputation, with your life. One chance encounter with the right person, especially in L.A. could completely change the trajectory of your career/life, so it’s critical to maintain your relationships as best as you can. Be a person of your word, carry yourself with integrity and always add value in anything your involved in. At some point your relationships relationships are bound to turn into something fruitful because of your own progress as well as your proximity to other successful individuals. 

Here’s to another successful year, full of grace, favor and happiness. 


  • Jay

    Keep doing your thing Jacky. You got this fam. Great read

  • Fred thomas Jr

    You had a Dream and you are bringing it to Fruition. Making great things happen.

  • Liz

    This was really a good read! You could make a living with this!

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