#6 in the valley

Once my thoughts are written, I generally forget the specifics of these blog posts. But in preparation to write about my 6th year of living in LA, I thought it was necessary to read and reflect on year five. To my pleasant surprise, some things have changed, while thankfully others stayed the same. 
Ever since the pandemic, life has taken a dramatic shift for us all. Personally, 2020 provided more clarity on what really matters (mental, physical and spiritual health, family, love), while 2021 thus far has been a year of transformation and acceleration. If we haven’t already realized, we’re receiving a crash course on understanding that life is indeed short and we must cherish the moments with the people we love. 
One of my boys told me it takes about ten years to really feel settled here and having crossed the halfway mark, I can attest to seeing the shift in real time - I really love it here! It’s not for everyone but in order to achieve the success I desired, I needed to be in the market where all the action is. Year 6 has proven to me that through faith, perseverance and work that anything’s possible. 
Normally, I would give some type of clever list of things I learned, mantras or shit like that, but this year, we should get right to it. My biggest take away from year 6 is to STAY TRUE! Live unapologetically authentic, treat people with grace and mind your mf’in business. When you stay true there’s nothing (literally nothing) in this world that can stand in the way between you, your purpose and what God has for you. 
I am living proof.

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